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  • The Importance of Setting Recovery Goals (Part One)
    Written by
    The Importance of Setting Recovery Goals (Part One) The Importance of Setting Recovery Goals (Part One)By Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS) I once heard a story about a Tibetan monk trying to teach his students about the importance of setting goals. They set out one morning and he told them they were going on a journey. They asked him “where are we going?” He replied “don’t worry, just follow.” And they did. After walking for about an hour, the students noticed that the monk had changed directions several times and it seemed like- they were going in circles. After two hours of walking, the students noticed the same scenery repeating itself. “Haven’t we been on this road about four times?” “Haven’t we been walking in circles?” Finally, after three hours of walking they ended up back where they had started. The students began to grumble when the Monk sat down and explained: “Now you understand the importance of setting a…
    Tags: Goals Recovery
  • A Myth About Suicide
    Written by
    A Myth About Suicide A Myth About Suicide By Dr. Braden Daniels, Nationally Recognized Author and Speaker (Visit Dr. Daniels' website)   I have heard it said by those who do not fully understand suicide, “There is no such thing as an ATTEMPT at suicide. You either do it or you don’t. And if you don’t, you are only seeking attention.” This, in my experience, is a false statement. First and foremost, a person who claims they are considering suicide as a viable option should ALWAYS be taken seriously. We do not know the true intent of the individual contemplating suicide. We do not know whether they will or will not. Either way, it seems to me, a person idealizing suicide is in need of help, not judgement. Another myth involves a belief that those considering suicide are just looking at the world from their own perspective and don’t care how their actions affect those…
  • The Shame Fog
    Written by
    The Shame Fog The Shame Fog By Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS)   I felt shame like a fog creep over my entire being choking and suffocating the life out of my spirit. It may sound like an exaggeration but that is how I felt. Funny thing about this shame-fog, I don’t remember opening any window to let it in. It just entered. But the shame-fog hurt. It was an internal pain just as intense as a broken kneecap; yet not localized but deep within and all over. I felt the fog of worthlessness and unworthiness permeating my entire being. I felt unloved and alone. I think fog is a good analogy for the shame of mental illness or the shame of self-stigma. I remember driving once through the hills of West Virginia and a blanket of fog move in without warning. It was so thick I could not see the yellow marker on…

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