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  • The Shame Fog
    Written by
    The Shame Fog The Shame Fog By Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS)   I felt shame like a fog creep over my entire being choking and suffocating the life out of my spirit. It may sound like an exaggeration but that is how I felt. Funny thing about this shame-fog, I don’t remember opening any window to let it in. It just entered. But the shame-fog hurt. It was an internal pain just as intense as a broken kneecap; yet not localized but deep within and all over. I felt the fog of worthlessness and unworthiness permeating my entire being. I felt unloved and alone. I think fog is a good analogy for the shame of mental illness or the shame of self-stigma. I remember driving once through the hills of West Virginia and a blanket of fog move in without warning. It was so thick I could not see the yellow marker on…
  • Add to your tool-box: Two techniques to deal with stress-anxiety…
    Written by
    Add to your tool-box: Two techniques to deal with stress-anxiety…By Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS) I would like to share this month two techniques that I use to deal with my anxiety problem. I have been dealing with anxiety as far back as I can remember. My mother also had problems with anxiety. When I was a teenager- she called me a “worry wart” and caught me “picking my fingers” (sometimes till they bled) and tried a home remedy on me- she placed a rubber band around my wrist and told me “every time you catch yourself picking your fingers, snap the rubber band. Well, sure enough, I stopped picking my fingers; but started a new habit- snapping the rubber band. Then later in my twenties, I began using marijuana and alcohol which helped me deal with life-yes, a bad coping mechanism. When I turned 40, I began to realize I did…
  • One Path to Recovery: Mastering the Thought Life
    Written by
    One Path to Recovery: Mastering the Thought LifeBy Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS) Having wrestled with the twin demons of depression and anxiety for over twenty years I have learned there are many paths and many tools to utilize in the goal of recovery-which I define as living my life to the fullest. While I have used medications as a temporary stop gap in times of crisis, I have discovered in my own life that one of the tools that works especially well is watching and controlling my thought life. My thought life, to be blunt- has been screwed up ever since I was a child. I was raised in an alcoholic –abusive family where I was trained in the fine art of self-abasement. That is not meant to place guilt on my family- it is just an observation of fact that I need to deal with. What I mean by self-…

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