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  • One Path to Recovery: Mastering the Thought Life
    Written by
    One Path to Recovery: Mastering the Thought LifeBy Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS) Having wrestled with the twin demons of depression and anxiety for over twenty years I have learned there are many paths and many tools to utilize in the goal of recovery-which I define as living my life to the fullest. While I have used medications as a temporary stop gap in times of crisis, I have discovered in my own life that one of the tools that works especially well is watching and controlling my thought life. My thought life, to be blunt- has been screwed up ever since I was a child. I was raised in an alcoholic –abusive family where I was trained in the fine art of self-abasement. That is not meant to place guilt on my family- it is just an observation of fact that I need to deal with. What I mean by self-…
  • I Cannot Live Without Books
    Written by
    I Cannot Live Without Books By John Gillaspey Books have been my steadfast companions. They are present when there is curiosity; when questioning comes; when challenges spike; when needing stimulation or solace; and in sickness and in health. Books to me are dependable. Often they provide and can give a simple saying or a big idea or a needed laugh. I’m reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “I cannot live without my books.” So, I am he.
  • Ask Diane
    Written by
    A new feature to the OCA website, “Ask Diane” allows YOU to ask a question to everyone’s favorite Consumer Family Advocate at Magellan Health Services, Diane Johnson! Click on submit your question. Question Hey Diane, I've started to hear about Integrated Health Home Programs (IHH) for adults and Pediatric Integrated Health Programs (PIH) for children being offered as new services for individuals and families. Can you tell me a little more about them?

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