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The OCA was created to provide a voice within state government for people with serious mental illness and parents of children with serious emotional disorders. It is a contact for people primarily by phone, email and social media regarding issues and challenges around serious mental illness and serious emotional disorders. The OCA provides education, awareness and training opportunities through the website, social media and in-person. The OCA also has a statewide advisory committee made up of peers and parents that meets regularly and provides feedback to the state.


Currently, OCA is asking visitors to complete a short  survey for us. This survey is to gather data from across the state about what community based mental health services are being accessed, the barriers to access services, and what services are needed.


This link may open a new tab in your browser. After completing the survey and submitting it, just close the new tab to return to this site.  If a new tab did not open, just press the "back" icon/arrow to return to this site.



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Iowa Office of Consumer Affairs Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Internal Structure: Iowa OCA Advisory Committee ended with 9 members representing 8 MHDS Regions  Held 4 Advisory Committee meetings Produced 12 monthly reports for Iowa Department of Human Services Held […]

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Iowa Office of Consumer Affairs Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018-2019

 Internal Structure: Iowa OCA Advisory Committee ended the year with 10 members representing 8 MHDS Regions with one member representing the DOC statewide Held 4 Advisory Committee meetings: 1 in […]

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Identifying with a Mental Illness

Guest Post by Orion Abrams, Member of the OCA Advisory Board Everyone who has a mania, is hospitalized until it ends, and then goes home struggles with getting their life […]

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